Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies



Established in 1994.

“To root human rights culture in Arab societies”

CIHRS is an independent regional human rights organization a aiming to spread and deeply root the culture of human rights in Arab societies, and promote respect for fundamental freedoms, democratic values, and human rights principles in the Arab region.[1] CIHRS lends a credible and trusted voice to the human rights movement in the Arab region, strengthening its capacity during decades of political turmoil, economic hardship and protracted conflicts.

For 30 years, CIHRS has maintained its presence as an effective organization based in the South (Egypt and Tunisia), with offices in some Northern countries (Switzerland, Belgium and France), takes pride in its role of breaking barriers between peoples of the North and South by promoting transnational cultural and human rights cooperation. CIHRS builds the capacity of human rights organizations and forms coalitions and networks, striving for better representation in international human rights mechanisms that influence policies towards human rights and democracy issues in the Arab region.

CIHRS enjoys special consultative status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council and observer status at the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights. CIHRS is a member of the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Organization, the International Network for the Exchange of Information on Freedom of Opinion and Expression (IFEX), and the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH). CIHRS is a recipient of the 2007 French Republic Human Rights Award.

[1] While the term “Arab region” does not reflect the rich diversity of this region, which includes non-Arab majorities and ethnic minorities, the term “Middle East and North Africa” does not include Sudan, which is at the heart of CIHRS’ activities, and it includes countries that do not fall within the scope of its work, such as Iran, Israel and Turkey. To avoid confusion, CIHRS continues to use the term “Arab region” as a description of Arabic-speaking countries, while emphasizing on the value of diversity and seeks to promote the defense of the rights of all non-Arab majorities and minorities across the region.


Kamal Jendoubi

General Director

Bahey el-din Hassan

Deputy Director

Ziad Abdeltawab

Co-founder and Academic Advisor of CIHRS

The late Dr. Mohamed al-Sayed Said

CIHRS workplace policies ‏

(last updated May 2019)

The bellow are parts of the policies in CIHRS staff handbook distributed on all staff of CIHRS. The current policies will be under review by an external Gender consultant, that would look into the effectiveness of these policies to combat sexual harassment in the workplace. The findings of the new policies would be updated on the website once adopted.